The shower experience of the future


Imagine a mixer shower or a mixer tap fully adapted to your needs. A smart shower and a smart tap that provide the constant temperature of your choice and that adjust the water supply to your needs at a particular moment. Meet Instant Aqua, the next-generation mixer tap technology that enables you to personalize your tap water experience with the tap of a finger.


The Instant Aqua Smart app on your smartphone constantly monitors water temperature and water supply, and provides statistics on water use and duration in your bathroom and in your kitchen. You can use it to preset your preferences for temperature, water flow and duration.


This is how it works

After presetting your preferences, you only need to tap the start button on your smartphone and the smart tap will take care of the rest. The tap will run until it has reached the right temperature, allowing you as much time as you need to prepare yourself. Then, once you get in the shower or move your hands towards the tap, the water will run again, providing exactly the right supply of water for: lathering, rinsing or shaving. Finally, the shower or tap will switch itself off just after reminding you that you are about to reach your preset duration, therefore saving you water and money, which is better for the planet.


Instant Aqua Smart Tap

  • Full colour TFT touch display

  • Directly interchangeable with any existing mixer shower or mixer tap

  • No structural or electrical adjustment required

  • Stand-alone – No installation of other parts needed

  • Equipped with timer and flow sensor

  • Presettable temperature and water supply

  • Shower duration and water use displayed while showering or running tap

  • Timer can be set to activate maximum duration and display countdown

  • Saves water and money

  • Better for the environment



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